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What to play when you get completely bored

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Boredom is a state of mind you surely don’t want to experience often. That is the main reason why anyone would want to know how they can occupy their time in order to avoid getting bored. There are activities you can simply try and they will instantly fill your spare time making you stay away from feeling like you have nothing to do.

Besides the basic activities you usually tend to focus your attention to when you feel like boredom takes over, you should be open to new ideas and try new things. Experiencing something new is the one method that works best when you have nothing else to do. Here is a list with things you probably haven’t tried before:

What to do when you get completely bored

Online games

You might think that staying away from your computer sounds like the worst idea when you are bored, but things are not like that if you try online games. Slots, bingo or other kind of games you usually do not play online might transform into a passion later. All you have to do is search around for free games, sign up for an account and you are ready to go. Plus, playing a game takes a while so you won’t feel how fast time is passing by. Try every site you can find and look for games you are passionate about.


Yes, most people consider gym a way to get out of the daily routine and do something productive for yourself both body and mind. If you happen to have around a gym with reasonable costs, it would be a shame not to benefit from this and do something to improve yourself. This way, you won’t even have the time or energy to get bored anymore and the results will surely please you and people around you. It is such a small cost for such a big impact on both your body and mind.


Having you life organised means you should start planning ahead. Scheduling what things you need to accomplish each and every week will make you think analytical and will keep boredom away. Plus, it is very useful to know where and when you have to be. Forgetting about activities or events you have to attend would give anyone a bad image. Scheduling is a great manner to keep everything in order and at the same time avoid being bored. Starting a journal can help too.


When nothing else works, a city break can set things back on the track. Why? You may get bored simply because you didn’t do anything entertaining in the last period of time. Breaking out from routine can actually help you realise where all the boredom came from. The best manner to do that is by travelling around. It doesn’t have to be a costly location. You can simply go for a hike and have a swim in the highest, cleanest lake on the mountain. Think about places you’d love to visit and go for it to recharge your batteries fully. Then you will return to your life with a better mind set and strength. 


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