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Tech trends – learn about the floating speaker

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The world of technology has been constantly known updates for quite some time now. Trends change from one month to the other, new gadgets seem to appear overnight and people are always striving to buy the most modern products in the industry. Taking all these into consideration, it is very difficult to bring on something actually innovating. However, in spite of all these, it seems that there is one particular item that has gained everyone’s sympathy: the floating speaker. Bluetooth speakers have been around for some years, but the cutting edge feature that has brought them to public attention lately is that they can really levitate. Due to magnetic technology, you can now own a beautiful, futuristic and also performing device to listen to the music you like carelessly.

Tech trends – learn about the floating speaker

What is so special about floating speakers?

It is obvious that the first thing that makes these products so special and appealing is their looks. The futuristic design makes you think about something you can use for ages and it will not get out of style anytime soon. You have the base and the upper part, which actually levitates in the air above the base that needs to sit on a flat surface. The great thing is that it can also be used separately. In addition to this, another particularity is that the gadget can be connected to any device, regardless its operating system, via Bluetooth. While years ago, it was very difficult to get both convenience and performance in one product, now you can have the two of them, in exchange for excellent prices. All you have to do is connect the speaker to your gadget (mobile phone, laptop, tablet or personal computer) and enjoy a clear, qualitative sound, no matter what you decide to listen to.

Can such a device be both performing and stylish?

In the beginning, people were reluctant about floating speakers, because they thought manufacturers have focused on design rather than on functionality. They believed only one product cannot be both stylish and performing, but they were proven wrong. What is actually amazing about these speakers is that although they have an impressive design, it represents a strength as far as functionality is concerned. It is the fact that the speaker is levitating that makes it deliver excellent sound. With other device (the traditional ones) part of the sound is blocked and lost because they need to be placed on a flat surface. However, the floating speaker has a round or spherical shape, thus offering a uniform intensity of sound in the area that surrounds it.


As you can see, choosing a floating speaker can be the answer to all your needs, it can be connected to your phone or laptop without any effort and it is wireless, so you can forget about extension cords and electric outlets. The battery can last up to ten hours or even more, so you can even take the speaker with you on a short trip or an outdoor event.


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