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Download Talking Tom for PC

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The mobile market is very interactive and it features countless entertaining apps. Unfortunately, the concepts for most of these apps are only available for mobile devices. Sadly, the PC market is becoming less and less interesting for software developers who focus most of their energy on mobile apps. Nevertheless, PC users will not be intimidated by the mobile market and will always find ways of using whatever software they like. As Talking Tom is one of the most entertaining mobile apps, it is no wonder that PC users also want to play with the adorable cat. You will be happy to discover that you can easily download and install Talking Tom for PC.

Talking Tom for PC Picture Talking Tom for PC Picture

Main features

Talking Tom for PC offers the same advantages as the mobile version. The only difference is that you interact with the cat through the mouse cursor and not through a touch screen which is more realistic. Nevertheless, you can still have fun with the PC version and if you really enjoy it, you might also want to try Talking Dog, Talking Angela, Talking Parrot and other similar apps. These mobile games are particularly appealing for children who can’t seem to get enough of the lovable talking animals. As far as the features of Talking Tom go, most of the action revolves around the cat who can repeat one’s voice in a high pitched voice. You can also slap Tom, pop his body, feed him and so on. You can also record videos of Tom and share them with friends and family.

How to download and install Talking Tom for PC

  • As with most mobile apps, in order to use them on the PC you will need and Android Emulator. This emulator creates a fake mobile Android interface on your computer. The best such software is Bluestacks which can be downloaded free of charge from the official website.
  • Once you have downloaded and installed Bluestacks, it is best to restart your computer.
  • Once the computer is on again, open Bluestacks, go to the Search Toolbar and search for Talking Tom.
  • When you find the app, click the install button, located on the right side,  which will download the app and install it at the same time.
  • In order to use the app, you must go to the my apps option in the Bluestacks menu, where you will find Talking Tom for PC. You can use this Android Emulator in order to use most Android apps on your personal computer.
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