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How to Store Computer Equipment Safely

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Are you assembling or dissembling a high performance computer? If you are, then you’ve got to learn about storage. Storing computer equipment is a delicate task. You have $1000s of items to keep safe and functional. You should start looking for proper storage as soon as possible. Especially if you’re moving your computer parts soon…

Self-Storage Units.

They’re your best bet for locking up computer parts. Self-storage units are quite versatile. And you can use them to store a variety of items – (not just electronics). You likely have a storage unit already – especially if you’re a business owner. And in that case, you can use that to park your computer equipment.

Mainframes and Supercomputers.

They’re mostly used by businesses. And they require a large space for storage or use. If you’re changing mainframes and supercomputers, you need a place to store old ones. And this will be in a self-storage unit. There are a lot of advantages to doing so. It helps free up space in your business environment for new machines. And it provides you enough time to deal with the disassembled computer parts…

Especially if you plan to sell the parts to others.

Even Small Computer Parts Can be Stored.

With the large space available in a storage unit, you can safely store small computers. In fact, you can use your storage unit for a tech repair business. You can fix all kinds of parts for computers. And you can even buy and resell old parts that you’ve stored around.

Storage Units: What Makes Good Tech Storage?

How to Store Computer Equipment Safely

You need to optimize your storage unit choices for tech equipment. Below, we’ll mention a few of those factors. We’ll talk about their necessity when storing computers. Treat them as a check list when it’s time to get your tech storage unit!

Climate Control.

A lot of storage units offer climate control features. You can use that to safely store sensitive parts, which may be damaged by heat…

Or even humidity.

High heat is damaging for components that require battery use. In fact, if you’re storing anything that has a battery, you need climate controls. Also, too cold of a weather harms your tech items. Cold weather can cause metals to contract. And this can risk destroying sensitive chips or important parts.

Pest Control.

You don’t want a storage unit with a history of annoying bugs. Especially bugs that may infest big equipment. For example, you don’t want cockroaches nesting in processing units. This’ll take ages to remove, where you may need to dump lots of infested computer parts.

Bugs aren’t the only form of dangerous pests too. You’ve also got to deal with rats, if you have any in your area.

Rat infestations are even harder to combat. And they’re quite common in storage units that are abandoned for many-many years.

In essence, when picking out a unit, ask about pest history. Ask users of nearby rented units if they’ve had any pest problems before.

Apartment Units.

Many storage units are actually abandoned small apartments. Also, some storage units are built as multi-floor buildings (as it saves space). If you’re renting a storage unit in a building, avoid the 1st floor. Those are more likely to be selected as targets for robberies. So there’s a high security risk there. But also, ground floor storages are susceptible to flooding and heavy rain. So if you live in a place where that’s a problem, be sure to watch out.


You want a nearby storage unit for your tech items. You see, you’re not exactly storing computer parts for years to come. Technologies evolve, and whatever you store will be obsolete 5 years into the future. It’s likely that you’re storing tech items to sell them later. Thus, you need a nearby storage that you can access fast.

Let’s say you’re in a situation too where you’re gifting someone your old tech items. It could be for a birthday, or any kind of achievement.

The point is, you don’t want to drive for too long, just to get items out of store. You don’t want to commute 30-60 minutes just for an item or 2…

It’s best if you get a nearby storage unit.

Where do I Find One?

In Google’s search bar, type storage units near you. This should give you a variety of Google map options, as to close by storage units. Be sure to explore your options, and pick the unit that fits the previous criteria!

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