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How to Download Subway Surfers for PC

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A new technological trend that has swept over gadget and app aficionados is transferring their favorite mobile apps and games over to their PCs. This may have had a little to do with the launch of Windows 8, which allowed for a greater communication between mobile devices and desktops. Add to that the fact that some of the apps and games gained incredible popularity, and you can see why people wanted to have access to them at home or the office as well. One of these very popular games was Subway Surfers, a never-ending game where you are constantly on the run in order to gain more points and acquire a higher score. So how can you install Subway Surfers for PC?

How to Install Subway Surfers for PC How to Install Subway Surfers for PC picture

Enjoy a simple story line and an interactive game play

To begin with, if you’re not that familiar with it, Subway Surfers is a great exciting game for those who aren’t looking for much intellectual challenge, but want some extra fun. In it, you play a little rascal who keeps running on the subway lines; this, of course, draws the attention of others too, such as a subway officer that keeps pursuing you and which you must avoid in order to keep playing. You will also have to jump over obstacles or around them, avoid traps, and catch surprising bonuses which make you run faster or give you extra points. In order to install Subway Surfers for PC, you need to download Bluestacks, a nifty little program that allows you to download and install mobile apps and games on your desktop computer.

Try a better gaming experience on your PC

So far, the official developers of the game have not come up with a version of Subway Surfers for PC, so your best bet is the Bluestacks option. There are, indeed, cracked versions of the game, which have been adapted by anonymous users to work on a PC, but you can never be sure about what you’re installing on your computer with some amateur .exe file, so we don’t recommend it. Thus, your first steps should be downloading and installing the Bluestacks Emulator; doing this is a piece of cake, because it runs like any other simple program. Once installed, open Bluestacks and locate the search bar.

Install the game in just a few simple steps

How to Install Subway Surfers for PC How to Install Subway Surfers for PC picture

This is where you type in your keywords, in this case, Subway Surfers; choose one of the results, and the program will offer you the option to install. This step is quite easy too, and the installation commands pretty straightforward. Once the installation is complete, you go to the “My Apps” category, where you will find your Subway Surfers for PC version. Now you’re ready to play this addictive game, on and on, as much as you like!

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