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How to Download and Install BBM for PC

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Mobile Messenger apps are becoming more and more popular amongst smartphone users. The most popular such app is WhatsApp which was recently purchased by Facebook. However, WhatsApp is not the only app of this sort. BlackBerry Messenger is also quite popular and in some ways it is even better than WhatsApp. Today, we will give you a few tips in order to teach you how to download and install BBM for PC. We will also share some of the features of this great application which will allow you to communicate with your friends easily and free of charge.

How to Download and Install BBM for PC Picture How to Download and Install BBM for PC Picture

BBM for PC Features

The unofficial PC version of BBM has the same advantages and features as the mobile version. It allows you to create a profile on your PC and it gives you a special BBM PIN code. This code allows you to connect with your friends and create your own contacts list. You can only interact with the people who share your BBM PIN code. This feature makes BlackBerry Messenger a lot safer than similar apps such as Whatsapp or Viber. The software can be used for sharing images, voice notes and videos with other users, but it can also be used in order to make calls to other Blackberry devices. It is a great alternative to SMS messages as it is completely free and it is a lot safer than similar apps on the market. The interface is well structured and very user friendly.

Download BBM for PC Steps

Despite the fact that BlackBerry Messenger is compatible with all mobile operating systems, there is no news of a PC version coming out any time soon. In fact, software manufacturers are giving less and less attention to the PC market and are focusing most of their efforts towards the mobile market. Basically, all apps that can be used on a smartphone will only be available in a mobile version. However, there is a special software that will allow you to use such apps on your PC. In order to download BlackBerry Messenger for PC, you must first download an Android Emulator called Bluestacks. You can download this software from the official website. Once you have downloaded it, open it, go to the top search bar and search for BlackBerry Messenger. Once you find BBM, click the install button. This button will download the messenger and install it automatically to your PC.

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