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How to design stunning letterheads – experts’ advice

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Contrary to what many businesspersons may say, letterheads are small, yet highly important elements to have within a company. Letterheads can boost the company’s success by improving the level of confidence people have on the services that company provides and by making it look more professional. While there are many companies that provide letterhead printing Singapore services, it is essential you have a well-established design for them if you want to benefit from the desired results, so here are some expert tips on how to design amazing letterheads.

How to design stunning letterheads experts advice

Simplicity is the key

According to experts, one of the essential principles that lie behind an effective and professional letterhead is to keep the design as simple as possible. It is worth mentioning that letterheads are some sort of a delivery mechanism, which is why it is important for them to both feel and look great in hand. However, the design is the one that should showcase the content without overcrowding the letterhead and make it difficult for the customer to read it.

Choose the software wisely

You may be tempted to use Photoshop as your main instrument to design the letterheads. While this is not a wrong move at all, know that there are other better programs you can resort to if you are looking for great typography controls and vector-based features. Do some research on the Internet and learn more on the available programs that would best fit your needs.

Hierarchy is essential to use

Just like in any other situation that implies designing process, letterhead design is about communicating some useful information in an effective way. At first sight, you may say that the first and most important piece of info to communicate is the name of the company you own. After that, you have to include contact details such as a phone number, an email address or a physical address and so on. Decide which details should be included on your letterhead and establish a hierarchy.

It should represent the company

Letterheads are supposed to represent the company’s branding and this is not only about the logo. You have to be very careful on the color scheme you select, on the fonts and images you use and how you will arrange each of them on the letterhead. When creating the design, the most important thing you have to keep in mind is that you will have to cut the letterheads once they come out of printing, so make sure you set up some edges and you work within them.

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