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Discovering the world of LOL

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People are very quick to judge. They imagine that once you spell out the words video games, half of the teenagers in the room, if not more, will jump out of their seats and run towards their computers. The problem is not their enthusiasm, but the power these games have upon their mind. While there are voices that blame video games for all the horrors of the world, there are those experts who point out the advantages. The truth is that people are so caught up with resisting change, as they have always been, failing to realize that this will come no matter what. Games like LOL are the future, whether you like it or not. So, the real question here is how you are going to handle the change. Will you stand tall against it or try to make the best by getting all the help needed from websites such as My Smurf? While everyone knows how opposition looks like, as you see it every day, showing a glimpse of acceptance might complete the image. So, here are some of the advantages LOL is offering its players, real advantages that help them in their everyday life.

Discovering the world of LOL

Developing computer skills


Most people fail to realize that computer games are just another way through which children can familiarize themselves with the computer. There is no sense in denying the obvious and the reality is that the computer will rule the world, if it hasn’t already started. Children need to start learning to operate the computer, this securing their future. If you think about it, what better way is there to learn how to operate this machine than by enjoying something you actually love like a video game? Instead of reading book on how to use it, why not go ahead and use it? Video games can help children develop fantastic computer skills. Every parent knows this.


Getting a taste of art


If you compare video games that were made 20 years ago with League of Legends, you would end up realizing that one of the biggest differences is art. While older games were based more on functionality, League of Legends brings some of the drama of art as well. Children grow up with a sense of art, of shapes and colors. They start to appreciate this factor and acknowledge its beauty and importance. You will notice that they will be tempted to take out this element and welcome it in their life. Some might start drawing, while other might begin appreciating real art. If you will, this is a new and modern way children can understand to appreciate art.


Leadership skills and playing in teams


What does your child need to make it in this world? He needs to acquire certain skills that will allow him or her to make it at work. He needs to prove that he can handle all sorts of situations and challenges. Your child needs to acquire various skills such as leadership, decision making or understand how to function in a team. When playing League of Legends you are placed in various situations where you have to make decisions, where you needto prove that you are a strong a determined leader and situations where you have to communicate with your team players. All these skills can be later on applied in the real life in a successful manner.

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